Zuri C52 smart phone full review

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Zuri is the new kid on the smartphone market in Uganda. Zuri is a brand based in Hongkong which recently launched on the Ugandan market recently with 3 models.

I have been using the Zuri C52 smart phone, which is a mid-tier phone from Zuri. I have used the phone as my daily driver for close to a month, I can confidently say that the C52 is an impressive entry level smart phone. For the first time smart phone owner, the C52 is a very good choice.

This particular model retails for about 300.000/= Uganda Shillings in retail shops around Kampala and the surrounding towns, through Africell, Airtel and Simba Telecom outlets.

When you think of a 300,000/= phone, you may be tempted to think low end Chinese phone, well not the Zuri. I was surprised by the build quality and general performance of the phone. To be honest I had low expectations from a phone of such a small budget.


The C52 comes in a niece white box. Opening the box, you find the phone nicely wrapped in kavera and a bunch of accessories including wall charger, usb cable, earpiece and carrying pouch. The pouch was a pleasant surprise. In the box there is also a free 8GB memory card.

The phone itself is a black slab with a huge 5 inch screen dominating the front. At the top is the earpiece and selfie-camera. At the bottom you will find 3 capacitive buttons. Turning the phone around, you will find the main camera at the top with a flash and a speaker at the bottom. On the side is where the power and volume buttons are located.

Experience using the phone
Like they say, the true test of a pudding is in the eating. So let’s talk about my experience using the phone starting with my first impressions.
Generally speaking, the C52 looks and feels better than the price suggests. It has a plastic body but feels solid in the hand.

Since the phone runs on android, I wont go into the software side of things. Anyone who has used an android phone will find the familiar android interface and access to Google Play store for apps and games.

I have had the phone connected to Airtel’s 3G network. Surfing, downloading apps, social media all feel speedy. I haven’t experienced any serious lag in speed. Besides, swiping through the phone screens is quite speedy. I guess the quad core processor is responsible for this snappiness.

For the newbies out there, the processor on a phone is perhaps the most important element on any smart phone, responsible for performance and speed. Which is why you really need to pay attention to the processor on any phone before buying. Besides, the processor cannot be upgraded.

I also took a bunch of photos which were not that impressive. That is expected from a budget phone.

The one thing that really got to me about the phone is the battery. I am a heavy smart phone user relying on my phone for everything from research, networking social media, games, music, video, business etc

So I found the battery to be very inadequate. It could work for a light user.
Times when I turned off data I was able to the whole day without recharging.

After all is said and done, the C52 will make a great phone for a first time smart phone user.

Technical specifications
Processor: Quad core 1.3 processor, RAM: 1GB, Internal storage: 8GB expandable via memory card, Display: 5 inch, OS: Android 5.1, Other: 2000mAh battery, 8MP and 2Mp camera, dual sim, 2G and 3G


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