Vodafone’s unlimited plans explained

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By Francis Agaba – Webmaster
Of late I have been hearing friends and colleagues complaining about their unlimited data bundles running out before the mandatory 30 days are done.
That begs the question, is unlimited really unlimited? The short answer is no. There is obviously a limit. Vodafone will not allow you to download 300GB for instance.
These data bundles are subject to a fair usage policy, the details of which can be accessed from this link. The bundles have a cap which is how much data you can download within your subscribed package.
What this means is that you will use your bundle at the stated speed until you reach your data cap. After that, you speed drops to a measly 256kbps. Technically you are still connected until the 30 days are out but this speed is almost un-usable.
Below is complete list of plans and their respective caps.

The Unlimited Plans data caps

ProductDownload Speed*ValidityFUP CapPrice (UGX)
Unlimited 2mbps/12mbps24 hours1.5GB17,900
Unlimited 2mbps/72mbps7 days8GB69,900
Unlimited 2mbps/302mbps30 days35GB149,900
Unlimited 6mbps/306mbps30 days50GB199,900
Unlimited 10mbps/3010mbps30 days60GB349,900

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