Pay TV Rates Dec 2016

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  • Decoders Prices

    Service ProviderProduct descriptionPrice UG.ShsPublished date
    AzamTVazam-decoder Source Azam TV website 145,000 December 2016
    Full kit HD single view decoder + dish
    Source DSTV website
    108,000December 2016
    DSTV Explora
    Source DSTV website
    232,750December 2016

    Source Go Tv website
    60,000December 2016
    Source: Star Times website
    49,500December 2016
    Zuku tvzuku_tv_decorder
    Source: Zuku TV website
    82,000December 2016
  • Copy of Decoder + Dish combo

    Service providerPackage descriptionPrice UG.Shs.Published date

    Source Azam TV website
    145,000December 2016
    HD single view decoder with dish.
    Source DSTV website
    108,000December 2016
    DSTV Explora full kit .
    Source DSTV website
    344,750December 2016
    Source: Star Times website
    155,000December 2016
    Zuku tvzuku_tv_kit
    Source Zuku TV website
    142,000December 2016
  • Subscription packages Dec 2016

    Service providerBouquet /package descriptionPrice UG.Shs. monthlyDate published
    AzamTVAzam Play
    Source Azam TV website
    32,000December 2016
    AzamTVAzam Plus25,000December 2016
    AzamTVAzam Pure10,000December 2016
    AzamTVAzam Indian Bouquet25,000December 2016
    dstvDSTV Access (over 60 channels)
    Source DSTV website
    38,000December 2016
    dstvDSTV Family (over 75 channels)
    Source DSTV website
    66,750December 2016
    dstvDSTV Compact (over 85 channels) Source DSTV website121,600December 2016
    dstvDSTV compact plus (over 90 channels) Source DSTV website190,700December 2016
    dstvDSTV premium (over 120 channels)Source DSTV website 287,250December 2016
    dstvDSTV French Plus
    Source DSTV website
    103,722December 2016
    dstvDSTV French
    Source DSTV website
    51,861December 2016
    dstvGreat Wall
    Source DSTV website
    5,860December 2016
    GOtv_ugGOtv Plus
    Source GoTV website
    25,500 December 2016
    GOtv_ugGOtv Value
    Source GoTV website
    16,000December 2016
    GOtv_ugGOtv Lite Monthly (up-to 16 local and international free-to-air channels )
    Source GoTV website
    5000December 2016
    GOtv Lite Quarterly12,000
    GOtv Lite Annually 28,500
    StarTimesStarSat Special
    40 tv channels and 25 audio channels
    Source Star times website
    25,500December 2016
    StarTimesStarSat Smart
    60 tv channels and 25 audio channels
    Source Star times website
    50,000December 2016
    StarTimesStarSat Super 75 tv channels
    Source Star times website
    75,000December 2016
    StarTimesStarSat Indian 7 tv channels
    Source Star times website
    25,000December 2016
    StarTimesStarSat Chinese 12 tv channels
    Source Star times website
    40,000December 2016
    Zuku tvZuku Classic (77 Video channels, 51 Radio channels, Local channels)
    Source Zuku TV website
    30,000December 2016
    Zuku tvZuku Premium (77 Video channels, 51 Radio channels, Local channels)
    Source Zuku TV website
    50,000December 2016
    Zuku tvZuku Asia (+27 Channels)
    Source Zuku TV website
    31,000December 2016
    Zuku tvZuku Smart Pack 10,500
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