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  • africell

    Africell data plans

    Bundles DurationPrice (UG Shs)
    25MB1 day500
    50MB1 day1,000
    100MB1 day2,000
    75MB7 days2,500
    125MB7 days5,000
    250MB7 days10,000
    500MB7 days20,000
    1GB1 month35,000
    1.5GB 1 month50,000
    2GB 1 month50,000
    3.5GB1 month75,000
    6.5GB1 month130,000
    10GB1 month125,000
    30GB1 month300,000
    20GB3 months300,000
    45GB3 months600,000
    30GB3 months500,000
    100GB3 months900,000
    Source Africell website
  • Airtel

    Airtel data plans

    BundlesDurationPrice (UG Shs.)Bonus
    WTF 100MBdaily500-
    Night Pack 1GBdaily2,500-
    80MB7 days2,500-
    125MB30 days5,000-
    250MB30 days10,000-
    350MB30 days15,000-
    525MB30 days20,000-
    750MB30 days25,000-
    1GB30 days35,000256MB
    1.5GB30 days45,000384MB
    2GB30 days50,000512MB
    3GB30 days75,000768MB
    5GB30 days90,0001.25GB
    10GB30 days125,0002.5GB
    17GB30 days200,0004.3GB
    25GB30 days240,006.3GB
    6.5GB3 Months130,0001.6GB
    50GB3 Months450,00012.5GB
    150GB12 Months1,500,00037.5GB
    How to:

    Volume Check *175*4#
    Data Share *175*5#
    Gifting *175*6#
    Social Pack 100MB *175*7#
    Free 20MB *175*20#

  • mtn1

    MTN Uganda internet bundles

    BundlesDurationPrice (UG Shs)
    15MB1st week of the monthFREE
    10MB24 hours300
    20MB24 hours500
    50MB24 hours1,200
    50MB1 week2,500
    100MB1 week3,000
    25MB1 month1,500
    100MB1 month4,500
    350MB1 month14,000
    500MB1 month20,000
    1GB1 month37,500
    2GB1 month60,000
    3GB1 month75,000
    5GB1 month100,000
    10GB1 month125,000
    30GB1 month285,000
    1 GB3 months48,750
    2GB3 months78,000
    3GB3 months97,500
    5GB3 months130,000
    10GB3 months162,500
    30GB3 months370,000
    Pay as you goper kb0.8
    Source MTN website
    Published on:

    MTN Blackberry plans

    Blackberry social1,0005,00020,000
    Blackberry complete1,5007,50030,000
    Blackberry absolute3,00015,00060,000
    Source MTN website

    MTN Social plans

    Bundle ValidityPrice (UG Shs.)
    Whatsapp, Twitter and FacebookDaily500
    Whatsapp, Twitter and FacebookWeekly2,000
  • Smart

    Smart Telecom data plans

    BundlesDurationPrice (UG Shs.)
    50 MB24 hours500
    500MB7 days5,000
    Unlimited7 days25,000
    2.5GB30 days45,000

    Smart Telecom home and office Internet plans

    SpeedDurationPrice (UG Shs.) monthly
    512 kbps30 days119,999
    1 mbps30 days210,000
    2 mbps30 days399,000
    Source Smart Telecom website
  • Smile
  • utl

    BundleDurationPrice (UG Shs.)
    500MBMonthly 14,500
    1GBMonthly 28,000
    3GBMonthly 65,000
    5GBMonthly 100,000
    10GBMonthly 115,000
    Data limitsValidityStarter pack UG.Shs 512kbpsPremium pack UG.Shs 1mbpsPro pack UG.Shs 3mbps
    1GB30 days20,00037,000-
    2.5GB30 days55,00070,000-
    5GB30 days80,00090,000125,000
    10GB30 days120,000135,000175,000
    Unlimited30 days195,000210,000250,000
  • Vodafone

    Vodafone data plans

    BundlesDurationPrice (UG Shs)
    50MB24 hours1,000
    200MB7 days5,900
    800MB7 days22,900
    500MB30 days19,900
    2GB30 days49,900
    5GB30 days99,900
    Source Vodafone Uganda website

    Vodafone Unlimted data plans

    SpeedDurationPrice (UG Shs.)
    2mbps Unlimited24 hour17,900
    2mbps Unlimited7 days69,900
    2mbps Unlimited30 days149,900
    6mbps Unlimited30 days199,900
    Source Vodafone Uganda website

    Vodafone Business data plans

    BundlesDurationPrice (UG Shs)
    10GB30 days124,900
    30GB30 days299,900
    50GB30 days499,900
    10mbps Unlimited30 days349,900
    Source Vodafone Uganda website
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