DSTV review

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In a five-round review, we examine DSTV’s offering from  packages, channels, picture and sound quality, value for money and convenience.

These guys have been around forever and have become a household name. Their tenure has enabled them to learn what the African audience wants and they deliver just that and more.
DStv offers the ultimate home entertainment. With 110 channels to choose from, everyone is covered literally.

The regular DStv kit (decoder and dish) costs shs356,000 and shs60,000 for installation.

Their subscription packages include Premium (11 channels), Compact Plus (80 channels), Compact (70 channels), Family(60 channels) and Access (40 channels). Subscription fees are shs215,000, shs140,000, shs85,000, shs51,000 and shs26,000 respectively. The set comes with a decoder
and satellite dish, giving an  unforgettable TV experience.

Compared to Zuku TV, DStv is quite expensive. Their initial setup is significantly higher and their subscription fees are relatively higher than their counterparts for any given number of channels.

To offer six packages, you have to have access to a great deal of channels; DStv boasts of up to 134 channels. This is a world of television all in one unit.

Premium, which is the highest in the package hierarchy, offers 134 channels followed by Extra with 99, Compact with 84, Family with 63, Access with 50 and Easy View with 25 channels. These channels range from movies, series, music, reality, science to nature and Super sport for the sport fanatics. The whole family is covered with DStv’s diversity and gives it a hard edge over its competitor.

The video and audio quality here is undeniable. The picture quality is great no matter the screen! Since these guys know their audience, they offer some channels in HD, now what more would you ask for with high definition viewing?

The eye might still perceive the image differently depending on the kind of television but whichever you use, the image is amazing. The audio output is not something to be under looked. With HD video, you can only expect an equivalent in the sound you would hear but as majority of people prefer, connecting a home theater to the decoder will give you the Holy Grail in sound output.

When it comes to convenience,DStv knows exactly what to offer. The decoders come in more than one kind; the single view and the ever-amazing PVR decoder, which is just the revolution of TV.

For added connectivity, there are USB and HDMI ports so your decoder can do more than just show TV channels and not forgetting the FM radio channels.
Payment can be made through many sources so there is no excuse for non-payment from the mobile money options, PayWay and Ezee Money to the banks such as Stanbic, Standard Chartered and Bank Of Africa. For those that have inquiries about their systems, there is the simple self-help, which you can access from your phone.Now that is convenience like no other.

In the battle of value for money, DStv speaks for itself. With a wide range of channels to choose from and a great option of decoders, you surely get value
for your money. So no matter your preference for television entertainment, satisfaction is guaranteed with DStv.


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