Fixed broadband

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  • Smile

    (up to 4Mbps)
    (1GB day and 1GB* night)
    24 hours5,000
    (up to 21Mbps)
    (30GB day and 30GB** night)
    30 days100,000

    Snack Bundles

    1 GB Snack1 GBDynamic10000
    3 GB Snack3 GBDynamic30000
    5 GB Snack5 GBDynamic50000
    10 GB Snack10 GBDynamic100000
    Smile Snack Bundles

    Smile Anytime Data Bundles

    bundledurationpricebonus(midnight - 6 am)
    100 MB1 DAY20000
    200 MB1 DAY30000
    300 MB1 DAY50000
    500 MB1 DAY70000
    1.5 GB1 DAY120000
    500 MB30 DAYS200000
    1 GB30 DAYS320000
    1.5 MB30 DAYS400000
    3 GB30 DAYS750000
    5 GB30 DAYS900000
    10 GB30 DAYS1450000
    20 GB30 DAYS250000
    50 GB30 DAYS3000000
    100 GB30 DAYS5200000
    200 GB30 DAYS10200000
    Smile Data Bundles

    Smile Night and Weekend

    5 GB30 DAYS60000
    10 GB30 DAYS110000
    20 GB30 DAYS200000
    Smile Night and Weekend UPLOADED 20/08/2017

    Smile Unlimited Data Bundles

    typepricebundleduration bonus(midnit-6 am)
    plutinum550000120 GB30 DAYSUNLIMITED
    premium33000075 GB30 DAYSUNLIMITED
    essential17900025 GB30 DAYS90 GB
    Smile Unlimited Data Bundles UPLOADED 20/08/2017

    Smile Device Packages

    Smile PackagesPackage IncludesPackage Price in UGX
    Wi-Fi Router Starter Pack One Wi-Fi router + one SIM + 10GB data (valid 30 days)410,000
    MiFi2 Router Starter Pack One MiFi2 router + one SIM + 5GB data (valid 30 days)240,000
    SIM Only Starter Pack One SIM + 1GB data (valid 30 days)50,000
    Dongle Starter Pack One Dongle + one SIM + 2GB data (valid 30 days)175,000
  • Liquid Telecom METROLITE

    PackagesCosts in USD
    Managed Capacities
    Munange Plus 64Kbps$40
    Banange Plus 128Kbps$85
    Dedicated Capacities
    Metrolite 64Kbps $85
    Metrolite Plus 128Kbps
    Small Medium Enterprise and Home solutions

    Source Liquid Telecom website

    Liquid Telecom METRONET

    CapacitiesCost in USD
    Dedicated 256/256Kbps$300
    Dedicated 512/512Kbps$450
    Dedicated 1/1Mbps$530
    Business Solutions

    Source Liquid Telecom website
  • Roke Classic Connection

    Package Speed (day)Speed (night)ValidityCost in UG Shs
    10GB Classic Connection 3Mbps 8Mbps 60 days100,000
    20GB Super Classic Unlimited 5Mbps 10Mbps 30 days250,000
    Source: Roke Telecom website

    Roke Unlimited Connection (Purely)

    Package Speed (day)ValidityCost in USDCost (VAT incl) in USD
    ROKE Deluxe 512Kbps 30 days$150$224.2
    ROKE Deluxe768Kbps 30 days$225$312.7
    ROKE Premium 768Kbps 30 days$300$401.2
    ROKE Deluxe1Mbps30 days$300$401.2
    ROKE Premium 1Mbps30 days$400$519.2
    Source: Roke Telecom website
  • Smart

    Smart Telecom home and office Internet plans

    SpeedDurationPrice (UG Shs.) monthly
    512 kbps30 days119,999
    1 mbps30 days210,000
    2 mbps30 days399,000
    Source Smart Telecom website
  • Tangerine Prepaid

    100MB5,00030 days
    250MB10,00030 days
    500MB15,00030 days
    1GB25,00030 days
    3GB50,00060 days
    5GB70,00060 days
    10GB120,00060 days
    Source Tangerine Website

    Tangerine Unlimited Broadband

    USAGE ALLOWANCEPRICE (UGX)Exceding usage allowance
    3GB120,000upto 48kbps
    5GB145,000upto 48kbps
    10GB180,000upto 96kbps
    Source Tangerine Website
  • Truit Internet Service Plans

    Package Download SpeedUpload SpeedMonthly Data AllowanceCost in USD
    Click 5GB 2,048 kbps256 kbps5GB$49
    Click 10GB2,048 kbps 512 kbps 10GB$69
    Click 20GB5,120 kbps768 kbps20GB$109
    Click 30GB5,120 kbps1,024 kbps30GB$149
    Click 50GB7,168 kbps 1,024 kbps50GB$329
    Click 100GB7,168 kbps1,536 kbps100GB$809
    Source TRUIT website

    Truit Specialized Business Packages

    Package Download SpeedUpload SpeedData AllowanceCost in USDDaily Cost in USD
    YahClick Insure 2Mbps2,048 kbps5,120 kbps50MB Daily Data Allowance$140
    YahClick Insure 5Mbps5,120 kbps1,536 kbps50MB Daily Data Allowance$285
    Yahclick Insure 15Mbps15,360 kbps3,072 kbps 100MB Daily Data Allowance$495
    Mega 3Mbps3,072 kbps1,024 kbps270GB Monthly Data Allowance$1250$70
    Uplink Mini 512256 kbps512 kbps 300MB Daily Data Allowance$85
    Uplink Master 3Mbps1,024 kbps3,072 kbps 2.67 Daily Data Allowance$760
    Source TRUIT website
  • utl
    Data limitsValidityStarter pack UG.Shs 512kbpsPremium pack UG.Shs 1mbpsPro pack UG.Shs 3mbps
    1GB30 days20,00037,000-
    2.5GB30 days55,00070,000-
    5GB30 days80,00090,000125,000
    10GB30 days120,000135,000175,000
    Unlimited30 days195,000210,000250,000