Airtel is giving more data, voice and SMS bundles for less every day

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Whereas Airtel might be known for their Data Blasta bundles that are quite competitive on the market, they now have more to offer.

They’ve completely ignored the Wednesday battle grounds and instead focused on rewarding their customers everyday where users are rewarded with more voice minutes, data volumes and SMSs all bundled together for less.

It is more like a tweaked version of their other  My Pakalast product. The service called #OfferOfTheDay is commensurate of your average expenditure on Airtel services, so the more you spend the more you get to enjoy more of these services.

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Therefore usage patterns will determine how much of #OfferOfTheDay bundles you’ll get.

How to subscribe to Offer of The Day

Airtel users have to dial *149*10# to enjoy the offers but keep in mind each user might have their own tailored offers judging by how much they spend on Airtel services.




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