Africell slashes data rates

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After MTN’s recent data price reduction, Africell also announced they would adjust their data packages. The announcement was made at the Kampala City Festival(4th October 2015) in a new campaign dubbed “King of Bundles”.

Besides reducing prices on specific bundles, they also announced new ones.

Here is a comparison between the old and new data tariffs.

Africell data plans comparison

Bundles DurationOld Prices (UG Shs)New Prices (UG Shs)
10MB NEW1 dayNA290
20MB NEW1 dayNA450
100MB SCRAPPED1 day2,000NA
75MB SCRAPPED7 days2,500NA
125MB SCRAPPED7 days5,000NA
50MB NEW7 daysNA1750
75MB SCRAPPED7 days20,000NA
80MB NEW7 daysNA2500
125MB SCRAPPED1 month50,000NA
200MB NEW7 daysNA5500
25MBNEW1 monthNA1450
100MB NEW1 monthNA4400
125MB NEW1 monthNA4900
250MB NEW1 monthNA9750
350MB NEW1 monthNA13500
500MB NEW1 monthNA19500
1GB NEW1 monthNA34500
1.5BG NEW1 monthNA44500
2GB NEW1 monthNA49850
3GB NEW1 monthNA59500
3.5GB 1 month75,00075000
5GB NEW1 monthNA89000
6.5GB SCRAPPED1 month130,000NA
10GB REDUCED1 month125,000124850
30GB REDUCED1 month300,000284900
1GB NEW3 monthsNA45000
1.5GB NEW3 monthsNA50000
2GB NEW3 monthsNA64900
3GB NEW3 monthsNA77500
5GB NEW3 monthsNA116500
6.5GB NEW3 monthsNA129000
10GB NEW3 monthsNA160000
20GB3 months300,000300000
30GB REDUCED3 months500,000370000
45GB3 months600,000600000
100GB SCRAPPED3 months900,000NA
Happy hour (1GB)1 hour50005000
Happy night (1GB)12:00AM - 6:00AM25002500
Unlimited (512kbps)30 days 299000299000
Unlimited (512kbps) NEW3 monthsNA859000
Unlimited (512kbps) NEW6 monthsNA1619000
Unlimited (512kbps) NEW12 monthsNA3049000
Source: Dignited

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